RTXCReal-Time Executive in C
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The RTXC Quadros dual-mode RTOS is intuitive and easy to use.
ColdFire MCF532x and MCF537x processors, combined with the efficiency of the Quadros RTXC dual-mode RTOS, provide an ideal solution for the following applications: human interface applications, factory service and maintenance systems, point-of-sale terminals, medical instrumentation and monitoring, security/access control panels, voice over IP, remote monitoring, industrial machine control, and automation.
About the RTXC Quadros Family of Real-time Operating Systems
The RTXC Quadros RTOS family features four highly scalable real-time operating systems, offering distinct performance advantages for each of the major processing models.
RTXC, Quadros, Quadnet and RTXCfile are trademarks of Quadros Systems, Inc.
The Blackfin ADSP-BF533 processor and RTXC Quadros dual-mode operating system will power the rPOD 10.
The RTXC Quadros RTOS alone offers a dual-mode capability.
An added benefit in choosing RTXC Quadros is that it is fully integrated with the VisualDSP++ tools.
RTXC/mp is the multi-processing-enabled version of the innovative RTXC Quadros RTOS.
About Quadros Systems, Inc and RTXC Operating Systems
Fully integrated into the CrossView Pro debugger, TASKING's RTXC RADM enables developers to examine how tasks behave and interact, not only at the usual source and assembly levels, but also at the task-based and RTXC-resource levels.
Embedded Power's RTXC in combination with TASKING's DSP56xxx Tool Suite and the RTXC RADM allow DSP developers unprecedented capability and flexibility to meet the programming and debugging demands of multifunctional applications," notes Alford Frost, COO of Embedded Power Corporation.