RUCCRural-Urban Continuum Code (USDA)
RUCCRegional Union Construction Center (St. Louis, MO)
RUCCRail Users' Consultative Committee (UK)
RUCCReally Useful Communications Company (Australia)
RUCCRobbinsdale United Church of Christ (Robbinsdale, MN)
RUCCRichfield United Church of Christ (Richfield, PA)
RUCCReal User Cost of Capital
RUCCRight-Upper Corner Cell
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For both overall EQI and domain indices, we performed the following analyses: a) a multiple linear regression model to assess the average effects for the contiguous United States; b) a random intercept, random slope hierarchical model clustered by the condensed RUCC categories to assess variations in associations by urbanicity; c) a random intercept, random slope hierarchical model clustered by the condensed climate regions to assess variations linked with climate; and d) a random intercept, random slope hierarchical model clustered by the RUCC-climate combinations to assess variations linked with both urbanicity and climate.
To explore whether anesthesia providers were evenly distributed in the United States, the distribution of anesthesia providers among RUCC were compared and the county median household income by percentiles were calculated.
Finally, RUCC and RUCA code data were obtained as described previously.
The averages are computed across hospitals that have been grouped according to their RUCC.
Railtrack and the RUCC agreed large amounts of private and public money would be needed to turn the schemes into a reality.
RUCC chairman David Bertham said: "At the present rate of increase in complaints we will simply not be able to do our statutory duties effectively.
The RUCC classification scheme "distinguishes metropolitan counties by size and nonmetropolitan counties by degree of urbanization and proximity to metro areas" (USDA 2012).
Both RUCA and RUCC are measurement systems used to identify rural areas (U.
Because only one county each falls in two of the RUCC categories (RUCC 1 and 4), statistical analyses were also performed with collapsed categories that grouped together categories 1 and 2, 4 and 5, 6 and 7, and 8 and 9.
The RUCC in the Area Resource File groups counties according to the overall level of the urban population in the county and whether the county is adjacent to a metropolitan county, based in part on the commuting patterns of workers.
Latest figures show the number of complaints to the RUCC went up by 395 to 1,164 between October and December last year, an increase of 51 per cent on the previous quarter.
The RUCC received 1,620 complaints between October and December last year - a massive increase of 578 per cent over the same period in 1997.