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RUCUSReading University Circus and Unusual Skills Society (UK)
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The hapless singer can't seem to please anyone lately, after speaking her mind on the Syria situation recently caused a rucus with Lebanese celebs.
Et Marcia Marx jette un regard sur le pouvoir en examinant le desequilibre entre une chercheuse et son "sujet" dans une etude du personnel administratif universitaire, "Invisibility, Interviewing, and Power: A Researcher's Dilemma." Ce numero comprend egalement notre section des Comptes rendus, des resumes d'articles publies dans des revues feministes et canadiennes, et une liste de "livres rucus."
Nearly six hundred years earlier, Article 353 of Longobard Rothari's Edict had contemplated just such cases: `Si duo porcarii inter se battederint aut scandalum commiserint ...' (if two swineherds come to blows, or cause a rucus ...).(11) The term here (428) is perhaps less surprising than it might be, were it to be applied to modern-day pigs, for the medieval `domestic' pig was hardly distinguishable from a wild boar, and had a very visible coat.(12)