RUDATRural/Urban Design Assistance Team (American Institute of Architects)
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Unlike Rudat's assertion that the Count is a lifelong mercenary soldier, William Adair contends that "the Count may be a negative character: a war profiteer and purveyor of a false philosophy" (92).
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En la misma epoca en la que se compone La conquista de Mallorca, el universo poetico bullia con los auspicios del Romanticismo, una efervescente aparicion que se advierte en los versos de Cienfuegos o Quintana (Cano 1966: 462; Carnero 1983: 12; Rudat 1982: 48; Schurlknight 1982: 240).
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To express her dissatisfaction with his impotence, Brett verbally attacks Jake in ways that Wolfgang Rudat, contributor to the Hemingway Review, reads as emasculating.
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Addressing the press, they said the land in Rudat district was grabbed by the government.
Stephanie Rudat, Co-founder, Alliance of Youth Movement said that to exercise power for getting rights in any under privileged society, people facing similar problems form their own lobbies and exercise their influence.
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(2) Schoeck (1960) advocated Chaucer's use of irony in the tale, while such critics as Rudat (1994) accused him of sharing the Prioress's views; regardless of the author's personal stance Pearsall (1985), Rex (1995), and Cooper (1996) diagnosed the tale as vitriolic in its anti-Judaic message.