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RUDORegional Urban Development Office (USAID)
RUDORural Unity for Development Organization (craft trading; Zimbabwe)
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Estos factores son: el estres parental y el trato rudo como factores de riesgo y el monitoreo como factor protector.
Respecto al consumo de cocaina alguna vez en la vida se encontro que los jovenes que si han consumido esta sustancia (n = 168) destacan en los siguientes prototipos de personalidad respecto a los no consumidores (n = 230): Histrionico, Rudo, Rebelde, Oposicionista y Tendencia limite.
The consequential loss of familial leverage on the part of the jobless Ted marks his dethronement while ushering in Rudo's crowning moment.
En esta historia dos plataneros, Tato o Cursi (Gael Garcia Bernal) y Beto o Rudo (Diego Luna) pasan de la pobreza rural al exito gracias al futbol.
RUDO Y CURSI TOUGH AND CORNY The stars of the brilliant Y Tu Mama Tambien - Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal - reunite, as two football-mad brothers whose bond is tested when they get the chance to go pro.
RUDO & CURSI (15) Verdict: HHHII TATO (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Beto (Diego Luna) are halfbrothers picking bananas when a soccer scout comes to their village.
FILM: Get your eyes trained for those subtitles and head along to Picturehouse at Fact for Rudo y Cursi, a turbulent tale of football-mad brothers seeking fame and fortune.
In their latest project RUDO Y CURSI, the two best friends are reunited for the first time.
The Mexican heart-throbs have known each other since they were tiny but in Rudo & Cursi they play brothers consumed by sibling rivalry.
Rudo and Cursi, by the way, are their nicknames which mean Rough and Corny.
RL RUDO AND CURSI Cert 15, 101 mins Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna are two of Mexico's best actors, who shot to fame in the 2002 Oscar-nominated hit Y Tu Mama Tambien.