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RUFRevolutionary United Front (Sierra Leone)
RUFReformed University Fellowship (USA, Presbyterian Church in America campus ministry)
RUFRemote Unlock Feedback
RUFRequest for Use of Facilities
RUFReady-to-Use Food
RUFRural-Urban Fringe
RUFRevolving Underwriting Facility
RUFRapid, Urban, Flexible (transportation system)
RUFRules for Use of Force
RUFReading User Forum (UK)
RUFRequest for Use of Facilities (contracting)
RUFReducing Unnecessary Filings
RUFRemote Unlock Feedback (automotive)
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From the dirtiest cassette techno through the smoothest street soul to tropical island beats Ruf Dug joins dots like few others, never once losing the connection between the mind, the body, the soul, and the dance.
At last, the Secretary-General's appointment of Berhanu Dinka in March 1995 as his special envoy marked the beginning of direct United Nations involvement in the conflict.19 Dinka was a principal mediator in the nine months of negotiations between the newly elected Kabbah government and the RUF. The UN was one of the four moral guarantors of the "Abidjan Agreement" of November 1996.
There was talk about whether some unique conditions in Madagascar allowed the evolution of primate hibernation only there, Ruf says.
The patient who underwent primary RRP presented with fecaluria and RUF within the first few days after surgery and did not receive any other adjuvant treatments.
We wanted to find out if these rhythms are related to changes in cell membranes," explains first author Thomas Ruf.
RUF is one such program that has been successfully implemented at MCI-J for many years and provides opportunities for children to see and hear that their fathers are safe.
The UN has endorsed RUF for Community- Based Management of Malnutrition (CMAM) in emergency settings; however, there is no guidance on its use in non-emergency settings, or on the role of nutrition products in the prevention of MAM or chronic malnutrition [6].
As an example, the RUF started not only to amputate people's hands, but to publicize such mutilations as a way of preventing people from casting ballots and putting a political end to "unpolitical" brutalities.
Joanne recently issued her fourth album, Songs From The Road (Ruf Records), which was recorded at the Borderline club in London, and her short UK tour takes her back to the capital and to her old hometown of Brum (Town Hall).
The goal of RUF is to complement these activities with free, online, confidential health coaching and personalized programs to promote weight and nutrition management, to encourage regular exercise and stress reduction, and to support smoking cessation.
To see the menacing shadow of superpower politics that dangled over the case, one only needs to ponder how Taylor could be acquitted of the four most serious charges in the indictment, and yet on the basis of being found guilty of two (some would say) lesser charges--"aiding and abetting", and "planning" one war strategy (the Court cited just one such plan) for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone in a conflict that took II years to finish, he was found guilty on all II counts in the indictment.
The prosecution claimed that Taylor backed the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group in Sierra Leone and had ties to a second warring faction, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC).