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RUFFRescue Unwanted Furry Friends (Fort Walton Beach, FL)
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"Why had that young man a stain of blood upon his ruff?" asked Miss Joliffe.
There were many rumors, some of which have vaguely drifted down to the present time, how that appearances indicated violence; that there were the marks of fingers on his throat, and the print of a bloody hand on his plaited ruff; and that his peaked beard was dishevelled, as if it had been fiercely clutched and pulled.
Velvet garments sombre but rich, stiffly plaited ruffs and bands, embroidered gloves, venerable beards, the mien and countenance of authority, made it easy to distinguish the gentleman of worship, at that period, from the tradesman, with his plodding air, or the laborer, in his leathern jerkin, stealing awe-stricken into the house which he had perhaps helped to build.
"My lady is served," says the butler in black, in an immense white shirt-frill, that looked as if it had been one of the Queen Elizabeth's ruffs depicted in the hall; and so, taking Mr.
Ruff, the procedure was similar to treating a human although dog's root canal is a lot longer.
Ruff Ness was organised by Saints Sled Dog Rescue (SSDR), a small volunteer-run charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted Siberian huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.
Ruff said the seal will be installed in a prominent location where people can "not only see it, but almost get close enough to touch it."
Integrada por piezas que abarcan un rango temporal de 1992 a 2017, la muestra, aun cuando se concentra en series realizadas entre 2014 y 2016, si incorpora algunas obras de series anteriores que permiten experimentar la dinamica y siempre innovadora trayectoria de Thomas Ruff. Entre ellas, los emblematicos retratos inexpresivos y de gran formato realizados en 1998 que presto la Coleccion Jumex.
In the senior executive position, Ruff is responsible for the company's growth initiatives, product strategies, business development and market development, as well as leading key management activities and collaboration within US operations, reporting to its executive vice president and chief distribution officer, Richard L.
Only three species* lek in Britain, the least witnessed being the Ruff, an Arctic-nesting wader named for its puffed-out collar of feathers.
Ruff's direct run and shot doubled the lead and he again provided Kolodynski with the ammunition for the third.
It was early spring, and the male ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) was protecting his newly proclaimed territory: about 10 acres of young deciduous forest in front of my brother's house in Western New York.