RUHSRedondo Union High School
RUHSRandolph Union High School (Vermont)
RUHSRedford Union High School (Redford, MI)
RUHSRiverside University High School (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
RUHSRutgers University Health Services (Rutgers University; New Jersey)
RUHSRural/Urban Household Survey
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The charges are related to allegations that Ruhs induced a 17-year-old Eugene girl to engage in sexual conduct.
As pointed out by Ruhs (2011), (91) "[t]he term 'skills' is ambiguous and can be interpreted and operationalized in many different ways." In this regard, it is recommended that the existing broad legal definition of highly-skilled workers, in Article 13.2 of Federal Law No.
The expansion of the program has seen heightened susceptibility to violations of employment rights, as well as increasing actual violations of migrant workers' rights (Foster 2012, Ruhs and Martin 2008).
Ruhs publishes the AFM supermarket newsletter for the retail dietitian network.
Avocados also have less than 1 gram of sugar, are a good source of dietary fiber and provide nearly 20 other vitamins, minerals and plant-nutrients that keep people healthy, Ruhs adds.
[3.] Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, RUHS College of Medical sciences, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Ruhs, M (2003) 'Temporary foreign worker programmes: Policies, adverse consequences, and the need to make them work', International Labor Organisation, Social Protection Sector, Geneva.
Much is already known from the migration literature about who employers want and how they go about recruiting them (Anderson and Ruhs, 2010; Rodriguez, 2004).
(16) Y como senalo Martin Ruhs, el experto en migracion de Oxford University: "Migrant Rights are Human Rights" (1278).
Dept of Community Dentistry, RUHS College of Dental Sciences, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur, India
Trabajar el problema de la violencia a partir de la nocion de significante implica, entonces, oponerse a toda logica de las profundidades ideales (Adorno, 1992) y asumir que la palabra no remite a un significado oculto y latente, sino que, mas bien, parece enviarnos, en un plano que es de absoluta superficialidad (Ruhs, 1986), a otros conceptos, con los cuales establece todo tipo de relaciones de reciprocidad (Dubois, 1994).
Martin Ruhs, director of the Oxford Migration Observatory, suggests it may be time for Britain to let its more labour-intensive farming slide.