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However, in many words the back vowels are not fronted: du ('two'), dud ('smoke'), dut ('daughter'), gurd ebiggen, gurg ('wolf'), kur ('blind'), ruj ('day'), to ('you'), u ('thar), xuza ('god'), zevun ('tongue'), zumad ('son-in-law');--(verbal stems) duv-('run'), gu-('wanr) cf.
Birinci bolum "Guvenilir Nadejda", ikinci bolum "Kursun/Patron ve Ruj", ucuncu bolum "'K' Harfinin Uc Rahibesi: Kyuhe, Kinder, KPSS", ve dorduncu bolum "Postskriptum" olarak adlandirilmistir.
Fue asi como se llevo a cabo una accion colectiva al margen del Comite Central del Partido Comunista, originada por la iniciativa de una organizacion joven e independiente, el Movimiento Popular de Ucrania para la Reforma (RUJ).
Sue Wilbraham and Nikki Harding (Willbraham Associates)' Kate Vaughn (Diamond Estates) and Graham Stanton (Hampton Brook)' Pictures, TONY FLANAGAN' Ruth Ellwell (DLA) Stephen Byng, Julie Morrisey and Lorna McShane (DLA)' Above, Michael McGuire and Sean Moran (Bache Treharne) with Pamela Shepard, Ruj Hothi and Rebecca Cowlinshaw (all DLA)' Right, Christopher Sulling (Malcolm Hollis), Helena Bannister (DLA) and Ray O'Connor (DLA)
When sustenance was pressed upon her, she would laugh and say 'Enna Menoo Chidday Ditta, Enna Menoo Pidday Ditta, Men Gaee Ruj'.
In one hand, the user should authenticate itself before initiating any transaction, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that the cloud does not tamper with the data that is outsourced (Sushmita Ruj et al., 2012).
As shown in Table 3, we compare functionalities among the FAC, Ruj's scheme [8] and Faslullah's scheme [7].
The largest privately owned retailer headquartered in Arkansas is RUJ McLarry Landers Automotive Holdings LLC of Little Rock.