RUKNRencana Umum Ketenagalistrikan Nasional (Indonesian: General National Power Plan; Indonesia)
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Top neurologist in Dubai, Dr Sohail Al Rukn, President of Emirates Neurological Society and neurologist at Rashid Hospital, explains that exercise is known to help brain health and over the years' research after research is reinforcing the same thing.
Stating the reason for such high numbers, Dr Al Rukn said that the sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, dependence on fatty foods and a diet high in salts were some causes.
The first blast, caused by an explosive device, happened near a military post in the eastern part of the Rukn Addien neighborhood, the source said.
Al Rukn said, "Abroad the average age of a stroke is above 65 years, here it is 45 years.
Dr Al Rukn says to begin with, conditions like blood pressure and blood sugar which creep in silently need to be identified and controlled.
The statement said that Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali, Iranian Ambassador Ghadanfar Rukn Abadi, Russian Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin and Chinese Ambassador Wu Zexian met at Abadi's residence.
According to state television reports, Mahmoud al-Khalidi was shot dead late on Monday in the capital's Rukn al-Din district.
As part of their campaign to target national personalities and scientists, armed terrorist groups assassinated Air Force General Abdullah Mahmud al-Khalidi in the Damascus district of Rukn al-Din," (http://www.
Summary: Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC) will feature "Al Rukn Al Khames", an exclusive and locally produced live television series on [.
Five security personnel were killed and several others were wounded in a "terrorist" blast caused by explosives attached to a motorcycle in the Rukn al-Din district of Damascus, state television said.
Brigadier General Dr Isa al-Kholi was gunned down by three men - described as an "armed terrorist group" - who opened fire as he left his home in Rukn al-Din, north of Damascus.
The rest of those killed in Damascus were in Barzeh, where one protester had died, and in Rukn al-Din quarter of the city, where security forces fired protesters killing eight people.