RULSRevised UCLA Loneliness Scale
RULSRedeemable Unsecured Loan Stock
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In three actions on decisions (AODs), the IRS stated it will hew to its position in any future litigation regarding certain issues on which courts ruled against it in 2015 and 2016.
Second, we conducted functional regression to examine the associations between daily duration of home-stay and non-communication in the 10 weeks (functional predictors) and pre- and post-changes in PHQ-9 and RULS scores (outcomes; Febrero-Bande & Oviedo de la Fuente, 2012).
Rul. 2015-9) and the other dealing with a triple drop and liquidation (Rev.
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The Service has ruled that distributions from a CRUT (see Q 7952) to a separate "special needs" trust for the life of a disabled beneficiary, rather than for a term of years, did not preclude the CRUT from qualifying under the Code.
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For the RULS, positive items were reverse coded and responses to each item were assigned a score that ranged from 0 for never to 3 for often.
The Federal Claims Court ruled in The May Department Stores Co.
As at August 31, 2013, KEV's outstanding RULS of RM1.67 billion comprised cumulative interest owing to shareholders of MYR 775.2 million (FY2012: MYR 619.7 million).
While DutaLand has met its debt maturity of MYR8.9m under the RULS in April 2010, it is still exposed to risks related to its debt obligations due to its weak liquidity despite recent asset sales, MARC added.
Ruls. 64-328 and 66-110, the proposed regulations generally provide substantially different tax consequences to the parties depending on which party owns the life insurance contract.