RULSRevised UCLA Loneliness Scale
RULSRedeemable Unsecured Loan Stock
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Second, we conducted functional regression to examine the associations between daily duration of home-stay and non-communication in the 10 weeks (functional predictors) and pre- and post-changes in PHQ-9 and RULS scores (outcomes; Febrero-Bande & Oviedo de la Fuente, 2012).
Significant pre- and post-changes were seen in PHQ-9 and RULS (p< .
The sign of the correlation coefficient suggested that participants who reported that they would definitely contact an online acquaintance in an emergency reported greater loneliness as measured by the Total score on the RULS than those who said they would definitely not.
The regression coefficients indicate that the total score on the RULS was significantly higher for participants who were male and who responded that they would approach an online acquaintance in an emergency.
Mean scores and standard deviations on the CES-DC, RULS, RSE, and SSQ6 are shown in Table 1.
The deferral of payments on the RULS has in the past, provided KEV the ability and flexibility to preserve liquidity for its senior debt service requirements.