RUMTRunning Unix Memory Test
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After hybridization of RMP with either RMT or RUMT [Figure 2]b, the relative peak intensities of Raman spectra of RMP + RMT and RMP + RUMT differed at 679, 780, 1100, and 1575 cm [sup]−1.
To classify these samples, we conducted PCA for RMT or RUMT hybridized with RMP and were able to distinguish the boundaries, as shown in [Figure 4]b.
Table 3] shows the classification results for two-group classification problems such as CMP + CMT versus CMP + CUMT, CUMP + CMT versus CUMP + CUMT, RMP + RMT versus RMP + RUMT, and RUMP + RMT versus RUMP versus RUMT using PCA-DA.