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RUNRural Universe Network (German Centre for Agricultural Documentation and Information)
RUNRadboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands)
RUNRewind Unload
RUNResearch Unit in Networking
RUNRedeemer's University (Lagos, Nigeria)
RUNReunion Industries, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
RUNRol Único Nacional (Chilean ID number)
RUNSt-Denis De La Reunion, Reunion - Gillot (Airport Code)
RUNRete Unitaria del Notariato (Italian)
RUNRental Update Notification
RUNRussian Meets Norwegian (contrastive linguistics and translation studies)
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He could not bear to go into the house where his mother and father lived, and on an impulse he decided to run away from home.
It lumbered slowly up, and the boys, mustering their last run, caught it as it passed, and began clambering up behind, in which exploit East missed his footing and fell flat on his nose along the road.
But before he had finished speaking, Prince Andrew, feeling tears of shame and anger choking him, had already leapt from his horse and run to the standard.
When he ventured to run abreast of the older wolf (which was seldom), a snarl and a snap sent him back even with the shoulder again.
Run along and mind your business.' At such a speech, I can almost see those poor fellows running like the wind.
We ran for the river--where else were we to run? And after us came the warriors.
He then told Potter he might run, and he should not be interrupted till he reached a certain distance.
He had kept the door so long; but one of the seamen, while he was engaged with others, had run in under his guard and caught him about the body.
Then the cat thanked them for the ham, and gave them a pocket- handkerchief and a comb, and told them that when the witch pursued them, as she certainly would, all they had to do was to throw the handkerchief on the ground and run as fast as they could.
The Scoodlers who had thrown their heads began to scramble down and run to pick them up, with wonderful quickness; but the one whose head Toto had stolen found it hard to get it back again.
Alice got behind a tree, for fear of being run over, and watched them go by.
Pa's luck didn't hold out; a steamboat run over the forrard corner of the raft one night, and we all went overboard and dove under the wheel; Jim and me come up all right, but pa was drunk, and Ike was only four years old, so they never come up no more.