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RUNTResnet Universal Serial Bus Network Tester
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All went after the Runt and were firmly hooked in the process.
Anxious to check on Runt, I slipped away and made the 200-mile round-trip drive with one eye.
Recall that the runt pulse was injected at a rate of once per second and, since there are 5 million clock pulses each second, the probability of the runt occurring is 1/5 x [10.sup.6] or 2 x [10.sup.-7].
Summary: Keyboard Dock Turns iPhone Into Computer Touchpad; Google Faces $50 Million Lawsuit Over Android Location Tracking; Apple Will Become A Trillion-Dollar Company; HP Veer, Smartphones' Runt; Top 10 Gmail Extras
Morn whispers, "My dear, You have nothing to fear, " If he felt better, he'd get up and runt.
With automated search, the oscilloscope will look through the entire acquisition to find every instance of an event, such as a glitch or runt. You can then quickly navigate to each instance of the event to determine what is happening.
Slow to eat, and not keen to be a working dog, Special is the runt of a litter of puppies born on a farm.
Stuck in the middle was the runt of the litter: The Turf skatepark--technically the "Surf-n-Turf," but no one ever called it that located in a suburb outside of good 'ol Milwaukee, WI.
The tale is a simple one, told beautifully simply: a couple adopts a tiny runt piglet who grows up (and in every other direction) to be a local attraction and a good, good, friend.
But when a real piece of sky falls on his head, he and his band of oddball friends - including Abby Mallard (Cusack), Runt of the Litter (Zahn) and the gung-ho Fish Out of Water - decide to investigate what actually happened.
So, it's up to Chicken Little and his friends Abby Mallard (Joan Cusack), Runt (Steve Zahn) and Fish (gurgled by Dan Molina) to save the Earth.Director Mark Dindal (The Emperor's New Groove) stretches the form, using all manner of camera acrobatics to expand the notion of what 3-D animation can do.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-27 August 2004-Synnove Finden AB acquires Swedish distribution company Landet Runt in Strangnes AB(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD