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RUPESRewarding Upland Poor for Environmental Services
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PORTUGAL: MADEIRA: Insula Bugio, ad rupes prope mare, 1945, J.
Any early advantage the boys start out with by having an honest-to-goodness Hollywood movie star on their team quickly evaporates as Rupes whimpers: "I can't stand the camera," and is never seen again.
Rupes V, Moravec J, Chmela 3, Ledvinca J, Zelenkova J.
Tum neque ripa suo, barathro nec fixa sub imo, saxa stetere loco, nutat Trachinia rupes, nec sentit solitas, immania pondera, silvas, emotaeque suis properant de collibus orni, mulcenturque novo maculosi carmine lynces.
The competition is supported by business partners 3M, EMM, DeVilbiss, RUPES and SATA.
If you draw an imaginary circle through this range, and then continue along other isolated mountains east of the craters Mersenius and Liebig, you will find that the extrapolated circle passes along the straight Rupes Kelvin scarp on the southwestern side of the mare.
E from her other half, director Rupert Sanders, Although the pair managed to remain under the Hollywood gossip radar for much of their 10-year marriage, they were thrust into the spotlight when Rupes was papped in a clinch with Twilight and enfant terrible Kristen Stewart five months ago.
Development projects worth millions of Rupes have bene carried out in different parts including Tamboo, Chatar, Phuleji, Manjhoti, Dera Murad Jamali and other areas and people were provided basic facilities at their doorsteps.
Al examinar los ejemplares de Astephanus geminiflorus depositados en diferentes herbarios, y dado que la descripcion original de la especie solo indica "circa Santiago ad rupes, florentem septembri, detexit Claudius Gay", Liede-Schumann et al.
Other workers including Womersley (1955), Rupes (1967), Samsinak (1968), Mahunka (1973, 1974,1978), Sevastianov and Rady (1991) and Eraky (1999) contributed significantly to the fauna of this genus from different parts of the world.
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