RUPSRemote Ups
RUPSRotating Ups
RUPSRapat Umum Pemegang Saham (Indonesian: General Meeting of Shareholders)
RUPSRecorder/Utility Processor System
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Policymakers are aggressively propagating the introduction of reuse prevention (RUP) syringes, which have a built-in locking mechanism.
Metabolizable protein (MP) available for absorption in the small intestine is dependent on the flow and digestibility of microbial crude protein (MCP) and dietary ruminal undegradable protein (RUP) (NRC, 2001).
Intestinal digestibility of RUP: The small-intestinal digestibility (SID) of CP was determined using the modified three-step in vitro procedure suggested by Gargallo et al.
RUPs are prohibited for use in domestic habitations.