RUPSRotating Ups
RUPSRemote Ups
RUPSRapat Umum Pemegang Saham (Indonesian: General Meeting of Shareholders)
RUPSRecorder/Utility Processor System
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Policymakers are aggressively propagating the introduction of reuse prevention (RUP) syringes, which have a built-in locking mechanism.
Metabolizable protein (MP) available for absorption in the small intestine is dependent on the flow and digestibility of microbial crude protein (MCP) and dietary ruminal undegradable protein (RUP) (NRC, 2001).
Intestinal digestibility of RUP: The small-intestinal digestibility (SID) of CP was determined using the modified three-step in vitro procedure suggested by Gargallo et al.
RUPs are prohibited for use in domestic habitations.
2 of petrikovsky ups kalinkovichsky rups of the gomel branch of the belpochta rup 1 set
Implementing agency : Rup Belpochta Gomel Branch Of The Republic Of Belarus, Gomel Region, Gomel, 246048, St.
delivery, installation and commissioning of a telescopic cargo conveyor with a sliding section and windows for the exchange of mail items of a swing, double leaf, insulated for uoop smorgonsky rups (1 smorgon st.
Services for complex cleaning of internal office, industrial premises and adjacent territories of post offices of the otsps, rups, ups grodno branch of rup belpochta 24 612.
current repair of premises of the warehouse dobrushsky ufs gomel rups 1 pc.
current repair of the exhaust pipe ops dovsk rogachevsky rups 1 pc.
Current repair of the roof of the ops berezhnoy stolin rups, located at: stolinsky district, berezhnoye village, shkolnaya street, 34/1 1 facility (s), 8 800 byn
The new "LOS" manufacturing method for single books or small production runs, known as "RUPS" is computer assisted and is unable to use original illustrations.