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RUQRight Upper Quadrant (medicine)
RUQRifle Unqualified
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A stool work-up (bacterial cultures and an examination for ova and parasites [O&P]) was done, and abdominal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed to further evaluate the RUQ pain.
The plaintiff's counsel argued that the laparoscopic surgical procedure involved bowel and liver; diaphragmatic adhesiolysis was not indicated, especially with normal abdominal CT scan results and the absence of RUQ symptoms.
The case described here, presents two unsuspected findings for pulmonary embolism: RUQ abdominal pain and ST-T elevation in precordial leads.
Trans abdominal sonography reported a dead fetus of 22 weeks gestational age, with reduced amniotic fluid and 2 masses in RUQ & RLQ with air bubbles diagnostic of abscess formation.
Multiple 5 and 6 millimeter periodontal pockets are measured in the RUQ, with a 9 millimeter pocket isolated at the distofacial of the right maxillary third molar (#1).
An RUQ actually represents the quantified implication
of Cases RUQ Pain 39 LUQ 1 RUQ+Epigastrium 2 Epigastrium 1 Whole Abdomen 2 Note: Table made from pie chart.
Patients often present with RUQ tenderness only, and an early clinical diagnosis is difficult to establish.
Maybe end up with the US unit for those RUQ exams near some nice, greasy burgers.
Biliary pain can be differentiated from other types of RUQ pain by its characteristics of being intermittent or steady, and radiating to the mid-upper area of the back (Huether, 2008a) or to the right shoulder (Ahmed, Cheung, & Keeffe, 2000).
A 71-year old Caucasian gentleman with a background of known gallstones and hypertension presented to the emergency department with a two-day history of sudden onset, severe RUQ pain associated with non-bilious vomiting.