RURTRailroad Unemployment Repayment Tax
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In this study, we focus on recurrent upper respiratory tract infections (RURT), allergic rhinitis (AR), nonallergic rhinitis (NAR), and acute and chronic rhinosinusitis (ARS/CRS) with and without nasal polyps.
Abbreviations AE: Adverse events AR: Allergic rhinitis ARIA: Allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma ARS: Acute rhinosinusitis CRS: Chronic rhinosinusitis EPOS: European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Polyps FESS: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery Flow: Nasal respiratory flow Ig: Immunoglobulin ISCS: Isotonic sodium chloride solution MCT: Mucociliary clearing time NAR: Nonallergic rhinitis Pa: Pascal R: Resistance RURT: Recurrent upper airway infections.
FICA, FUTA, RRTA, RURT and income tax.) If this occurs, the buck will be passed back to the employee.(5)