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RUSEResearch Unit for the Sociology of Education (University of Turku, Finland)
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My ruse was successful, and the entire party of man-hunters raced headlong after me up one canyon while Ghak bore Perry to safety up the other.
On the night we were to put our ruse into effect, Charley and I took up our usual station in our rowing skiff alongside the Lancashire Queen.
On arriving at the spot, I was much inclined to suspect that the whole story was a ruse to make us SLOWWK and drink the more at the Handeck Inn, for only a few planks had been carried away, and though there might perhaps have been some difficulty with mules, the gap was certainly not larger than a MMBGLX might cross with a very slight leap.
This ruse will be discovered later," he cheerfully explained, "when they check up my weights, measurements, and other personal identification data, but it will be several months before this is done and our mission should be accomplished or have failed long before that time.
As to the small ruse which I played upon you in the matter of the envelope, it is clear that, had I told you all my intentions, I should have been forced to resist unwelcome pressure to travel out with you.
It was very fetching to make the girl propose in the course of being reunited, and Martin discovered, bit by bit, other decidedly piquant and fetching ruses.
Felicite would invariably thwart their ruses and they held her in great respect.
Providing after-warranty full servicing and repair of the official cars of the asa, provided for use by rasp rousse and the regional development agency on the territory of ruse district.
Due to the fallen power line between Ruse and the village of Chervena voda there is no electricity in several settlements in Ruse Municipality.
According to Ruse (Chapter 2), the clearest fact about evolution is that it is a fact.
In his treatment of the faith-science issue, for instance, Ruse effectively uses the theological arguments of Ernan McMullin (a catholic priest) against fundamentalist arguments that dismiss natural evolution in favor of miracles, showing the latter hostage to a faith in biblical literalism and inerrancy that leave scientific arguments untouched.