RUSLERevised Universal Soil Loss Equation
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Summary of differences between measured and RUSLE estimates of soil losses from the plots(*)
An explanation of RUSLE 2's erosion science begins with its evolution from the USLE through earlier versions.
The main aim of this research is to quantify the soil erosion in Wadi Yalamlam through examining the soil erodibility K-factor under different levels of soil data availability using the RUSLE model.
Third, consistent methodology and the RUSLE guideline to compute the rainfall erosivity factor (Renard et al.
In the RUSLE, (m) varies according to the ratio of the rill and inter-rill erosion ([beta]).
A combination of RS, GIS, and RUSLE is an effective tool to estimate soil loss on a cell-by-cell basis [33].
Los resultados demuestran que la RUSLE bajo ambiente SIG, complementado con data de un modelo digital de elevacion (DEM) y sensores remotos, son herramientas poderosas para evaluaciones cuantitativas y cualitativas de la erosion del suelo en una cuenca hidrografica.
Los objetivos de este trabajo fueron: (1) determinar la capacidad de uso de la tierra y analizar el conflicto entre la capacidad de uso de la tierra y el uso actual en la cuenca de estudio; (2) calcular el factor C del modelo RUSLE mediante la caracterizacion y medicion en campo de los tipos de cobertura vegetal de la cuenca de estudio y segun la formulacion original de RUSLE.
Most recent erosion prediction methods, such as RUSLE and the WEPP model, are computer based, and for some applications, can be run over the Internet.
In southwestern Ontario, Canada, Lobb, and Kachanoski (1999) noted that high rates of soil loss in upper slope positions were inconsistent with predicted patterns of soil erosion as determined by wind or water erosion models such as RUSLE (Renard et al.
RUSLE 2 soil loss has been estimated for four of the 11 demonstration sites and is currently being applied to the remaining seven sites.
These criteria were used for determining R in the RUSLE in the eastern part of the USA, but all storms were considered in determining R in the western part.