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"Cirio's Pizzassimo will offer consumers a convenient, authentic Italian pizza sauce topping for bases either baked from scratch or prebaked and, as with all Cirio products, Pizzassimo uses tomatoes grown, harvested and packed in Italy for authenticity and flavour," adds Vickie Rusz. Cirio Pizzassimo sauce is available in 400g tins.
Researchers have concluded that program timing is related to financial constraints among students of colon Hembroff and Rusz (1993) suggested "since many study abroad programs occur in the summer, students must confront not only the direct costs of going but also the cost of rewards forgone (e.g., of not earning money during the summer that could help pay for education expenses the next academic year)" (p.
Mrs Barwick and Mrs Rusz had been devastated to learn of the council's plans last October and vowed to sit tight rather than move.
They staged demonstrations, collected a 10,000-name petition, and Mrs Barwick and Mrs Rusz were granted leave to mount a judicial review.
Recently, Swanson and Rusz (2006) published what they believed was strong physical evidence, based on DNA obtained from fecal samples, for a population of at least eight cougars in Michigan between 2001 and 2003.
Problems with genetic methodologies.--Swanson and Rusz (2006) identify species from scat using a modification of a method published by Foran et al.
Furthermore, Swanson and Rusz (2006) do not properly apply the approach of Foran et al.
It is possible, but unlikely, that the modified primers used by Swanson and Rusz (2006) could separate lynx from cougars, but this never was demonstrated.
There was suggestive evidence of nine cougar-killed deer dragged up the dunes, but only six deer carcasses were conclusively identified (Rusz 2001, pers.
Rusz and his team collected dozens of scat samples in the shoreline dunes covered in a manner typical of pumas (MWHF 2001a).
Rusz's team also verified mountain lion tracks on the Stonington Peninsula of Delta County along Lake Michigan, plus several possible cougar scats (MWHF 2001a).
In spite of Rusz' confirmation of some wild pumas in the UP, some DNR biologists remain skeptical that very many of the big cats reside as wild residents in the state (Robinson 2000, pers.