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RUTFReady to Use Therapeutic Food
RUTFReciprocal Use of Test Facilities
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A mother, Aisha Isa, whose child suffered from severe acute malnutrition said the baby was recovering after taking 14 sachets of the RUTF for three weeks.
Rose Anne was also taught by the health workers to continue giving the medications and the RUTF to the children at home.
Key words: Chickpea, Malnutrition, Plumpy'nut, RUTF, Therapeutic Food.
The outcome indicators of our programme are comparable to those of other studies in resource-poor countries that used RUTF for rehabilitation in a home setting.
Our study showed that children refed with lactose-free RUTF gained weight in a similar fashion.
Las enfermeras comunitarias manejan los casos de malnutricion moderada mediante el reparto de RUTF, pero adolecen de falta de recursos (fuel y sistemas de registro informaticos, especialmente) para realizar un seguimiento efectivo de los casos.
0 g/kg/day), Amthor RE et al (17), Jilcott SB et al (18), Linemann Z et al (19), Ciliberto MA at al (20) 4 studies metaanalytic methods the pooled mean weight gain with the use of RUTF was 3.
She was always the first person to show up at the health center to get Shalimar's weekly supply of RUTF, Realista said.
This study assessed weight gain following RUTF use for SAM among children who were also stunted.
But the other part of the story is the responsiveness and effectiveness of the nutrition supply chain--specifically, the ability of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to quickly bring and distribute RUTF to where it is most needed.