RVDDRight Ventricular Diastolic Diameter (cardiology)
RVDDRight Ventricular Diastolic Dimension (cardiology)
RVDDRendez-Vous Sur Le Développement Durable Jeanne-Mance (Montréal, Canada)
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There were 19 patients who had RVDD with Em/Am ratio <1.
Correlation analysis of the right ventricular Em/Am, representing RVDD, yielded significant correlations with TAPSE, CRP, triglyceride, BMI, Vp, left ventricular Em/Am ratio and left ventricular E/A ratio (p<0.
In addition, conventional Doppler studies conducted for RVDD have the same limitations for left ventricle, like its dependence of preload, afterload and heart rate (32).