RVDTRotary Variable Differential Transformer
RVDTRotary Variable Displacement Transducer(s)
RVDTRemote Video/Visual Display Terminal
RVDTRetinal Venous Dilatation and Tortuosity (ophthalmology)
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RVDT ve SRVT nedeniyle enjeksiyon uygulanan 29 gozun 15'inde (%51,7) takipler esnasinda GIB'i 24 mmHg'nin uzerine cikarken, diyabetik makula odemi nedeniyle enjeksiyon uygulanan 64 gozun 15'inde (%23,3) GIB 24 mmHg'nin uzerinde olculdu.
Abbreviations: CAD/CAM = computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, IQR = interquartile range, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, MRE = mean radial error, RVDT = rotational variable differential transformer, SD = standard deviation, SNAE = surface normal angle error.
The RVDT on the arm yielded a linear relationship between voltage and arm angle.
Finally, like the synchro/resolver, LVDT/RVDT interfaces can use the excitation outputs as simulated LVDT/ RVDT signals.
This solution enables the support of up to 12 LVDT or RVDT sensors over a single network connection, which reduces physical wiring and streamlines data traffic over the network.
Also, additional signal-conditioning hardware was designed to amplify, provide isolation, and simplify synchronization of a variety of avionics signals generated from custom LVDT and RVDT transducers.
The 76CS3 provides our customers with a multifunction, single-slot PCI card that allows for simulation and measurement of Synchro, Resolver, LVDT and RVDT signals.
Other product ranges include Ice and Snow Detection Systems for rotary aircraft, a selection of LVDT, RVDT, Solenoids and Potentiometers.
In the past, AC-operated LVDT linear and RVDT rotary position sensors were fairly difficult to calibrate with traditional signal conditioners because they required an operator to adjust trimmer pots and/or set jumpers.
The RVDT provides trim surface position information.
LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner: Each module provides 2 channels, allowing you to interface up to 12 LVDT or RVDT sensors using a single network connection.
Although their shafts can rotate a full 360*, the RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120*.