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RVGRechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (German)
RVGRelative Value Guide
RVGRelative Value of Growth
RVGRadionuclide Ventriculogram (cardiology)
RVGReina Valera Gomez Bible (Spanish)
RVGRandom Vector Generation
RVGResidual Value Guarantee
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RVG, and RVB VP6 sequences clustered in 1 large branch,
The Blue Note Connoisseur series provides 24-bit SBM remastering, although not by RVG himself.
The RVG 5000 System features high resolution for intraoral images, enabling dentists to make even the most complex diagnoses quickly and accurately.
RVG is the ratio of the change in the company's Enterprise Value (EV) brought about by a 1 percent gain in revenue-growth rate divided by the EV impact of a 1 percent gain in profitability.
The ten-year-old was taken to the RVG Valley Equine Hospital in Lambourn suffering from internal bleeding following the accident.
We have become familiar with the initials RVG from the extensive Blue Note reissue series of remastered recordings from jazz's most famous engineer, Rudy Van Gelder.
The sound of the bass is clean and full, but the drums are sometimes flat and boxy, so I don't know whether Rollins's biting sound was how his sax sounded that night or is a result of the RVG signature mix.
Day One focused on diamond grinding markets, opportunities, products, industries, materials, and applications, presented by Brian Nailor, manager, industrial grinding products, and Markus Jakobuss, product leader, RVG [TM] Diamond and team leader.
Coast Dental and Eastman Kodak Company today announced a multi-million-dollar agreement that will put the Kodak RVG 6000 Digital Radiography System into Coast's 107 practices across the Southeast United States.
The Bopal Dental Clinic offers RVG X-Ray, Full mouth rehabilitation, Teeth Whitening in an hour, Braces, Invisible braces for adult, Immediate Dental Implants, Fix Denture, Fix teeth, Painless Single Sitting Root Canal and more.
An optional component with KODAK RVG digital radiography systems, LOGICON software is a computer-aided-detection tool that provides dentists an important decision-support instrument for better patient care.