RVKReykjavík (Iceland)
RVKRegensburger Verbundklassifikation (German mathematics and physics classification)
RVKRelative Vertex Key (animation)
RVKRehler, Vaughn and Koone Inc. (San Antonio, TX)
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The use of a new belt for sanding with P60 grit size is likely to have led to higher roughness parameters than would have been obtained with a dulled belt, so this grit size was not included in Figure 4, which shows the variation of Rk, Rpk and Rvk parameters with the grit size.
Such changes do not affect the core data to any great extent, so the coefficients of variation in Table 1 and Table 2 are much smaller for Rk than for Rpk and Rvk.
Our broad alliance with Signum has extraordinary potential, and as a result I've agreed to serve on Signum's Board of Directors and I have invited Signum to establish a laboratory in RVK (Research Village Kyoto), our R&D facility.
Tenders are invited for Revolving Chair With Arms, Model: Pvd 907 For Rvk, Kcf And Hoj Station.
Way/Hsa And Repairs To Service Buildings At Rvk, Mdt, Mje, Bnv, Bnq & Hsa Under The Jurisdiction Of Sse/W/Hsa.
thus the lessor) to the RVK leased back (so-called "sale and leaseback").
Lot 1: Procurement of 600 vehicle computers for buses RVK, procurement of 15 sales systems with PC operation for Customer, procurement of 45 sales systems for private distributors including device-background system, maintenance and support;
Contract award: rvk jesseren: environment working haren.