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RVMReverse Vending Machine
RVMRecoverable Virtual Memory
RVMRearview Mirror (Pearl Jam song)
RVMRoyal Victorian Medal (Canadian decoration)
RVMRostral Ventromedial Medulla
RVMResearch Value Mapping (various organizations)
RVMRadio Valois Multien (French radio station)
RVMRadio Vie Meilleure (French radio station)
RVMRouting Vector Method (broadcasting field)
RVMReference Validation Mechanism
RVMRequirements Verification Matrix
RVMRecovery Voltage Method (electronics)
RVMAcoustic Rising Mine
RVMRichmond, VA Main Street Station (Amtrak Code)
RVMRenewable Vending Machine
RVMReligious of the Virgin Mary, Philippines (religious order)
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The rewards system is linked directly to Bee'ah's app, loc-ating the nearest RVM.
RVM is faster in processing large-scale data than SVM.
Then, we describe the optimized RVM algorithm in detail and verify the algorithm based on NASA battery data in Section 4 before making the conclusion in Section 5.
The first stage is corresponding to the code mapping, the second stage is corresponding to features extraction for RVM, and the third stage is corresponding to classification of the codes based on RVM and correcting the wrong codes.
A leader in technology, RVM has achieved Orange-level Relativity Best in Service recognition every year since 2010.
RVM products use direct acting valves due to their higher force friction ratio (FFR) which increases the likelihood that the valve will operate when required, unlike some systems which use indirect valves.
Visitors will be rewarded with a coupon for every deposit in the RVM during Future Green, and we will donate one Ghaf tree to the 'Give a Ghaf' tree planting program for every coupon redeemed," said Georges Barakat, director of marketing and communications, Averda.
7, again here RVM is advised as Mac OS X is a Unix based system.
The reality is that environmental concerns feature very little on our priority list and its gimmicks like this RVM that push the agenda up a notch--at least to some degree.
Unlike the coupons generated at supermarket checkouts, consumers receive RVM coupons before they shop, so they can walk in the store, discount in hand, and potentially spend more on groceries.
0 applications, RVM, The City of Lincoln, Alta One Federal Credit Union and the Jewish National Fund among others have turned to SonicWALL to provide them with the security, peace of mind and feature set they need to continue to provide the services expected of them.
has completed the acquisition of RVM Scientific Inc.