RVMIRight Ventricular Myocardial Infarction (cardiology)
RVMIRenta Variable Mixta Internacional (Spanish: International Equity Joint; investment fund type)
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Various studies have reported that patients with AWMI have worse prognosis with increased incidence of complications than IWMI and the occurrence of acute RVMI with IWMI have worse prognosis than Acute Inferior Wall MI alone.
6.98% IWMI + RVMI 11.63% IWMI + PWMI + RVMI 16.28% IWMI + PWMI + LWMI 9.30% IWMI 20.93% IWMI + PWMI 32.56% Note: Table made from bar graph.
We found in our study that TAPSE of 20mm or above predicts normal RV function as seen in 62% of our cases and the tricuspid systolic velocity with a cut-off value of <11.5cms/s helped to diagnose RVMI in 42.5% cases.
This has been reported by some studies to have 89% sensitivity and 83% specificity.8 The prevalence of RVMI has been reported at up to 34% and in some studies up to 37%.8,9 In our study, after taking mean of all the echocardiographic parameters, 40% of the cases had an evidence of RV infarction while 15% had shown an electrocardiographic evidence for it.
A total of 100 patients with acute RVMI were evaluated for in-hospital complications.
Among RVMI patients, 65% stayed in-hospital for more than 4 days.
Before thrombolysis, annular velocities and TAPSE were found significantly higher in patients without RVMI than in patients with RVMI.
Patients without RVMI have significantly higher annular velocities and TAPSE than in patients with RVMI before thrombolysis.
In patients with RVMI, the risk of death in the hospital is high and incidence of major complications [1] is greater.
STEMI, NSTEMI, USA Distribution in Study Population Cases Number (Percentage) AWMI 52 (52%) IWMI + PWMI 18 (18%) IWMI + RVMI + LWMI 4 (4%) ACS Unstable Angina 4 (4%) with RHD MR ACS Unstable Angina 4 (4%) S/P CABG S ACS Unstable Angina 2 (2%) S/P PTCA [right arrow] LMCA [right arrow] LAD, S/P AVR Table 4.
The present study titled incidence, clinical profile and in-hospital outcome of patients of RVMI in IWMI was carried out in patients admitted in Department of Medicine, S.