RVMIRight Ventricular Myocardial Infarction (cardiology)
RVMIRenta Variable Mixta Internacional (Spanish: International Equity Joint; investment fund type)
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In addition, TAPSE value and systolic tricuspid velocity increased significantly after thrombolysis compared with pre-thrombolysis measurements only in patients with RVMI.
RVMI usually complicates 10-50% of inferior wall myocardial infarcts (1).
Classically right ventricular dilatation, abnormal right ventricular wall motion, paradoxical motion of the interventricular septum and tricuspid regurgitation are echocardiographic features of RVMI (13, 14).
30 suggests the presence of RVMI in the presence of IMI (15).
17), compared with patients without electrocardiographic signs of RVMI, patients with RVMI had a significantly decreased peak systolic tricuspid annular velocity and (13.
In a larger study cohort, comparison of echocardiographic parameters of patient with or without RVMI according to the patency and TIMI flow of infarct related artery may provide more information about kinetics of tricuspid annulus in RCA-related IMI.
In this study, we also did not seek correlation between classical echocardiographic findings of RVMI and tricuspid annular kinetics.