RVMIRight Ventricular Myocardial Infarction (cardiology)
RVMIRenta Variable Mixta Internacional (Spanish: International Equity Joint; investment fund type)
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When IMI is complicated by acute RVMI, mortality rises to 28%.
Acute RVMI complicates 20-50 % of acute IMI as reported by different studies9, 10.
Treatment with drugs such as nitrates and morphine causes vasodilatation and precipitates hypotension in RVMI patients and should be avoided13.
This study is aimed to find the frequency of in-hospital complications of acute RVMI in our set up.
Comparison of patient groups with or without RVMI did not also reveal any significant difference according to the received medications.
Comparison of tricuspid velocities and movement before and after thrombolytic therapy in patients without RVMI also revealed a no significant difference (Table 3).
We also compared tricuspid annular kinetics in patients with and without RVMI after thrombolytic therapy.
In addition, TAPSE value and systolic tricuspid velocity increased significantly after thrombolysis compared with pre-thrombolysis measurements only in patients with RVMI.
To study the clinical profile of patients of RVMI in acute IWMI.
To study the incidence of complications in patients of acute IWMI with and without RVMI.
To compare the mortality in patients of IWMI with and without RVMI.
Out of 90 patients admitted with IWMI, 25 patients had RVMI (28%) and 65 patients were without RVMI (72%) in IWMI (Table 1).