RVNARockingham Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice (Exeter, NH)
RVNARehabilitation and Visiting Nurse Association (Colorado)
RVNARabies Virus Neutralizing Antibody
RVNARose Village Neighborhood Association (Vancouver, WA)
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05) among the RVNA titers of healthy and diseased dogs in groups A, B and C at various intervals of the study.
In groups A and C there was no significant difference between the RVNA titers of males and females while in group B mean RVNA titer of males was significantly higher than the females.
Laboratory investigations have suggested that, in many cases, the post vaccination RVNA titers are lower than 0.
No case of vaccine failure or low immunity was observed in this study with all dogs exhibiting protective RVNA titers of [greater than or equal to]0.
However, immunization of such subjects should be followed by periodic RVNA titer determination for sake of safety (Burr and Snodgrass, 2004; NACI, 2005).
On the basis of these observations, RVNA titer could not be related to the health status.
There was no gender based difference between RVNA titers of Rabisin and Rabisyva- VP13 vaccinated dogs.
From the findings of this present study it is concluded that monovalent rabies vaccines elicited higher RVNA titers than polyvalent vaccines and on this basis Rabisyva-VP13, Rabisin and Hexadog DHP-LR are ranked at 1st, 2nd and 3rd position,