RVNAFRepublic of Vietnam Armed Forces (South Vietnam)
RVNAFRepublic of Vietnam Air Force
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For instance, the author does good work in showing the impact of reduced US funding on ammunition supply and expenditure in South Vietnam, but we learn nothing about the origins of President Thieu's "four no's" decision, which committed RVNAF to a static defense of its territory and was a major factor in the South Vietnamese defeat (something even Hunt, who is eager to highlight American culpability for the fall of Saigon, admits).
The two eldest brothers are both RVNAF [Republic of Vietnam, i.
At the same time, both remain notable for paucity of reference, particularly in accounts of the American War, to South Vietnamese fighting forces, officially designated RVNAF (Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces)--and including everything from conventional army, navy, air force, marines, and a host of irregular or militia formations--RF, PF, village self-defense forces, to myriad other special operations units--not surprisingly--mirroring American counterparts--Airborne, Rangers, Commandos, LRRPs, Swift Boat, Search and Rescue, Phoenix assassination, Black Ops.