RVSMReduced Vertical Separation Minimums/Minima (aircraft)
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RVSM will give a 20% capacity increase for Europe's upper airspace.
Added options for the IMSU include: NVIS, external magnetometer interface, Standby Radio Management Unit, alternate navigator functionality and RVSM compliance.
The revised equipment coding can be complicated because some codes represent the capability of installed equipment (B for LPV capability with a WAAS GPS) and authorizations (W for approval to operate in RVSM airspace), for instance.
The firm serves as the FAA's lead contractor for domestic RVSM (DRVSM) implementation and remains the sole contractor supporting the safety oversight of DRVSM.
The main two-day conference organised by Jane's addressed the question of `New strategies and institutions for ATM', major topics being the European Single Sky and, as with the EGATS forum, aspects of capacity enhancement, such as RVSM.
CSSI, a technical and engineering services company headquartered here, is very proud of its contributions supporting this important program, both to the RVSM monitoring program and to the design of the Enhanced GPS Monitoring Unit (EGMU) used in support of the program.
While the aircraft isn't equipped for RVSM altitudes, it has a 28,000-foot service ceiling, so some transitioning (and aging) pilots will be faced with the additional workload of high-altitude ops, different descent planning and simply having to stay ahead of the aircraft, where things happen faster than they do in a piston single.
Thus airspace capacity enhancement could not be achieved", Japanese officials told an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) RVSM task force meeting, in Bangkok, Thailand.
This work complements the RVSM monitoring that CSSI currently performs for all US general aviation operators and all operators in Asia-Pacific, West Atlantic Route System (WATRS)/ North America and Australian airspace.
These systems include RVSM and airspeed, as well as engine and fuel data measurements.
RVSM maintenance certification and training is required.
Without RVSM certification, the aircraft can t fly above 29,000 feet.