RVTVRogue Valley Community Television
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First came the selecting and classifying religious audiovisual materials belonging to RVTV programming (26 religious programs of different genres and formats, some shown repeatedly throughout the day, often at different times from one day to the next).
The group discussions centered on the four RVTV programs previously selected.
There is also a predominance of speech over images, marked with a devotional emphasis with which RVTV seeks to position itself as an inspirational and Catholic TV broadcaster.
Second, from the side of the audience, the current RVTV religious programming does not interest nor attract a younger population.
This holds even with the choice between more traditional devotional programs (O Terco and O Pao nosso) and more charismatic ones (O Terco Bizantino and Encontro com Cristo) although the image of the Catholic displayed on RVTV is not exclusively charismatic.
The RVTV, through its resources, discursive operations, and technology constructs its own mediated logic to produce religious sentiment, taking over the pre-mediated determinations.
The multiple circulations of tele-religious sentiments produced by the tele-faithful, which surpass the limited initiatives of the religious production of RVTV, stem from the type of religion offered on television.