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RVURelative Value Unit (factor used in pricing of medical services)
RVURelative Value Unit
RVURelease Version Update
RVURegional Vancouver Urban Observatory (Canada)
RVURocky Vista University (Aurora, CO)
RVURespiratory Virus Unit (various locations)
RVU[not an acronym] (networking technology; pronounced "r-view")
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On the flip side, an in-office approach to hysteroscopic biopsy/polypectomy has been rewarded in 2017 through a significantly higher practice expense RVU and a "non-facility" total RVU of 38.
The practice expense RVU for CPT code 58558, Hysteroscopy, surgical; with sampling (biopsy) of endometrium and/or polypectomy, with or without D & C, has been increased more than 450% in this setting, with an increase from 6.
The predicted probability was then used as a weight in the paid amount and dollar adjusted RVU ordinary least squares regression models.
Also, Rosenberg notes, the RVU dashboards are used to demonstrate a variety of RVU-based measures to pretty much every type of division in the entire academic medical center.
The ACP also wants CMS "to take steps to obtain data from independent sources, in addition to the RUC, in order to carry out the agency's statutory responsibility to ensure RVU accuracy," Dr.
Conclusion: la profilaxis antimicrobiana en ninos con RVU redujo significativamente el riesgo de recurrencia de ITU.
El RVU, definido como el retorno del contenido vesical al sistema pieloureteral debido a una falla en el mecanismo valvular de la union vesicoureteral, ademas de ser la anomalia mas frecuente en los ninos con infeccion de vias urinarias, es tambien el factor etiologico mas importante en el desarrollo de cicatrices renales [3-9].
RVU is based on the foundations of DLNA, is part of the DLNA guidelines, and allows streaming of video via secured connections from a central server to compatible CE devices.
The unit for the pasting characteristics is RVU (Rapid Viscosity Units).
El RVU se define como un reflujo no fisiologico de orina de la vejiga hacia el ureter o la pelvis renal y los calices.
Implementing the RVU remote user interface technology (www.
The company's AxiaLIF 1L+ device is a bundled lumbar arthrodesis procedure that includes bone graft, posterior instrumentation, and fixation, which has been assigned a work RVU of 28.