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RVURelative Value Unit (factor used in pricing of medical services)
RVURelease Version Update
RVURegional Vancouver Urban Observatory (Canada)
RVURocky Vista University (Aurora, CO)
RVURespiratory Virus Unit (various locations)
RVU[not an acronym] (networking technology; pronounced "r-view")
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The ACP also wants CMS "to take steps to obtain data from independent sources, in addition to the RUC, in order to carry out the agency's statutory responsibility to ensure RVU accuracy," Dr.
RVU is based on the foundations of DLNA, is part of the DLNA guidelines, and allows streaming of video via secured connections from a central server to compatible CE devices.
Financial: Practice Expense per Work RVU, Payment Received per Work RVU, Net Income per Work RVU, and Net Income per Physician FTE.
89 RVU for the cassava starches with TMS 30572 having the lowest value of 335.
When either updating an old RVU or coming up with a new one, the RUC members spend most of their time debating something called "work units"--a slippery currency that combines how much time, training, technical skill, physical and mental effort, and stress are required of a doctor when performing a certain procedure or service.
It is important to recognize that many individuals have become accustomed to associating RVU values with physician reimbursement.
Regional laboratories refer to RVU specimens from hospitalized case-patients with laboratory-confirmed pandemic (H1N1) 2009.
The RVU defines victims as persons or groups of people who have suffered actions or omissions that violate human rights norms, such as forced disappearance, kidnapping, extrajudicial execution, murder, forced displacement, arbitrary detention, forced recruitment, torture, rape, or death, as well as relatives of people killed or disappeared between May 1980 and November 2000.
Specialits and primary care doctors do not require different models than the work RVU Tifunovic says.
RVU: RVU (relative value unit) represents the level of effort, expertise, and resources required for medical procedures.
There are commercial products available to measure productivity using both the billable test and RVU system; however, the output of these products are impacted by the data the participants provide.
In the second wave, it appears that Samsung has taken the lead in adding all of the functions of the pay-TV DMAs (DLNA, DTCP-IP and a remote user interface standard such as RVU or CEA-2014) to many of its TV sets, eliminating the need for an STB entirely.