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RVVRonde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders)
rVVRecombinant Vaccinia Virus
RVVRunway Visibility Value
RVVReverted Vandalism (wikis)
RVVRegroupement pour une Ville sans Voiture
RVVRancho Vista del Valle (horse ranch; Hemet, CA)
RVVRuby Vgap Viewer
RVVRasisminvastainen Verkosto
RVVRencontres de Virologie Végétale (French: Plant Virology Conference; est. 1987)
RVVRadio Vallées Vosges (French radio station)
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n Anyone interested in joining RVV should call 07905 739611, email reddiveggie@lycos.
In 1995 a Dutch vet for RVV Ad de Leeuw, who was working at Smilde, was sacked after refusing to sign and falsify export documents.
The ratings on RVV also reflect the status of R+V as an integral part of the German cooperative banking sector, which Standard & Poor's considers as a single economic group.
The negative outlook on RVV reflects R+V's close links with the cooperative banking sector, concerns about the member banks' earnings performance, and the sector's strained protective scheme and financial strength," added Mr.
The ratings on RVV reflect the status of R+V as an integral part of the German cooperative banking sector," said Wolfgang Rief, a director at Standard & Poor's Financial Services Group in Frankfurt.
The ratings on RVV further reflect R+V's extremely strong group consolidated capitalization at year-end 2001, as measured by Standard & Poor's risk-based capital model.
In addition, Standard & Poor's lowered its public information-based ('pi') counterparty credit and insurer financial strength ratings on core subsidiary R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG (RVA) to 'Api' from 'A+pi', in line with group rating methodology, as RVV is the holding and reinsurance company of the R+V group, and is 78%-owned by DZ Bank.
The one-notch differential between the ratings on RVV and the ratings on DZ Bank are based on R+V's and DZ Bank's commitment to maintaining the insurance group's independent financial integrity and refraining from any actions that could weaken RVV's financial profile.
The rating action is based on the change of ownership structure, whereby RVV is now 78% owned by the lower rated, newly established DZ Bank Deutsche Zentralgenossenschaftsbank AG (hereafter DZ Bank, A/Negative/A-1), which is Germany's cooperative banking sector's largest central bank.
RVV is the group's holding company as well as its reinsurance
Standard & Poor's will meet with the management of DZ Bank over the coming weeks to discuss the operational characteristics of RVV in its own right, which could allow the ratings on RVV to remain higher than the ratings on DZ Bank," added Mr.
Other new markets that have recently secured broadcast rights for their first season include: South Africa ETV, Russia ORT, the largest network in Russia, Iceland RVV, and Finland MTV3.