RW2Rockwater 2 (Halliburton)
RW2Radiological Worker II (training)
RW2Road Warning System 2
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Note that [tau] is precision, reciprocal of Variance and that RW2 has a local time linear trend.
It is noted that the result of RW2 is located in the curve of the gradient and dynamic force at a depth of 0.1 mm in Figure 8, although its straightness is 0.1652 mm.
Even RW2 model is weaker than the RW1 model, the former keeps the essence of the latter: every future movement of the stock prices is unpredictable, using the past price movements.
On the top surfaces of samples RW1 and RW2, which had been annealed at 20 and 30[degrees]C before being rewetted, the particles that were previously partly flattened, separated and rounded back into spherical shape, as shown in Figs.
The two first relative warps (RW1 and RW2) in the ventral view (Figure 3b) suggested a formation of a priori groups and a partial separation between South Brazil and Ceara specimens along the axis of the first relative warp due to skull shape differences.
Una segunda version de la caminata aleatoria, la RW2, exige unicamente que los incrementos sean independientes, sin requerir que presenten la misma distribucion.
The habitats included: riparian woodland with ungrazed pasture and savanna woodland (RW1), dense riparian woodland with less open grassland (RW2), bottomland woodland with dense herbaceous understory (BW3), fluvial woodland with open understory with periodic flooding and bordered by pasture (FWP4), dense drier woodland with woody understory (DW5), grazed pasture with a few woody species (GP6), abandoned pasture with patches of riparian woodland (PW7), and coastal prairie with no woody vegetation, surrounded by agriculture and grazing (CP8).
El segundo componente de la forma (RW2) explico el 20,7% de la varianza total y mostro el mayor cambio vectorial en el sentido horizontal-oblicuo-vertical (obelico), manifestado en la elevacion del maxilar anterior, la retraccion del arco frontal y el aumento del angulo de la base de craneo (Figura 5, eje y).