RWCCRick Wakeman's Communication Centre (musician website)
RWCCRiverina Water County Council (New South Wales, Australia)
RWCCRepublican Women of Coffee County (Alabama)
RWCCRegional Workshop Coordinating Committee
RWCCRetrograde Warm Continuous Cardioplegia
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concert are $15 for adults, $12 for students and seniors, and $6 for children 12 and under, and are available at
Private entries: David Kiernan (Corley) 20-53, Matt Jones 21-59, Jonathan Jordan (both Rugby RCC) 23-15, Tom Holland (Kenilworth Wlrs) 23-22, Mike Wheeler (Lutt Cyc Ctr) 23-30, Chris Parson (Rugby RCC) 24-02, Johnny Ambrose (RLSCC) 24-08, Andrew Gibson (Leam C&AC) 24-35, Steve Lawrence (RWCC) 24-54, Cath Fenn (Warwick Uni) 25-04, Steve Lawrence (CSH) 25-32, Richard Watson 27-39, Lynnie McDonald (both Try It Private) 32-50.
Private entries: Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 20-36, Karl Weatherall (Hinck CRC) 21-11, Jack O'Neill (MV Cycles) 21-31, Henry Robertshaw 22-35, Tom Williamson (both Warwick Uni) 23-20, Jonathan Jordan (Rugby RCC) 23-21, Graham Davidson (Ken Wlrs) 23-22, Neil White (HCRC) 23-27, Dave Collins (Ken Wlrs) 23-28, Jude Taylor (Wark Uni) 23-48, Tom Holland (Ken Wlrs) 24-13, Colin Day (CCC) 24-43, Elliott Joseph (Wark Uni) 25-18, Mark Farrar (Try It) 25-20, Steve Lawrence (CSH) 25-28, Steve Lawrence (RWCC) 25-36, Dave Overton (Wark Uni) 25-41, Mark Bedder (Try it) 25-43, Josh Lohiri 26-51, Cath Fenn (both Wark Uni) 26-59, Sergios Agapiou (RLSCC) 27-22, Maxwell Hawkes (KCLBC) 29-13, Ian Wymer (Try it) 30-16.