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Mean initial RWC (RWCi) and mean initial OP (OPi) in well-watered plants before the onset of drying were 92.3% and -1.93 MPa, respectively.
Initial relative water content (RWCi) and initial osmotic potential (OPi) as measured in well-watered plants before the onset of drying, osmotic adjustment as measured by two methods, leaf death score at peak stress and recovery score upon rehydration, in eight rice cultivars tested in Exp.
2 can be found in the mean (across the 7 common cultivars) RWCi in the two experiments, which was 98.6 and 92.6% in Exp.
2 would be supported by the fact that mean RWCi was also lower in Exp.
The OPi was independent of RWCi and it may therefore represent a long-term constitutive adaptive component, as argued by O'Toole (1982).