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RWDIRowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (Canada)
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RWDI is the global leader in customized tuned mass damping systems.
Pengelly also notes that most traffic would be going uphill, increasing emissions of some pollutants, and that the RWDI study did not include measurement of known respiratory irritants including ozone, sulphur and PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons).
RWDI is a world-leading climate engineering, building performance and environmental engineering firm.
And because the Philippines is also along the path of a typhoon belt, the developer called in the Canadian firm RWDI to serve as wind engineering consultant.
Project manager and senior Specialist for RWDI Air Inc.
RWDI, International Road Dynamics, Arcop, Palmex, Challenger Manufacturing and World Council on City Data (WCCD).
Du is a senior engineer at RWDI who specializes in advanced analysis of heat & mass transfer and fluid flows.
daylighting; Atelier Ten, lighting consultant; RWDI, wind engineering
Additional Consultants: Gerald Eve, Peter Stewart Con, WSP, Space Syntax, Dunbar and Boardman, FDS, RWDI, URS, Hodkinson, David Bonnett Associates, Darling Associates, Scott Brownrigg, Goodard Littlefair
Consulting Engineers - RWDI - Guelph Canada Bespoke Gaming Equipment - TCS John Huxley - London England.
The developers have also commissioned wind tunnel tests to be conducted by RWDI.