RWESRay Watkins Elementary School (Canada)
RWESRound Window Electrical Stimulation
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Studies have shown that many subscribers would be willing to pay the full fee for a functioning service but that the failure of the RWEs to deliver leads some to evade payment.
Chapter 2 investigates how, as Germans in general and eastern Berliners in particular, the young RWEs identify themselves and are identified by others in the post-reunification area.
The author compares these procedures to an exorcism of the political delinquent's mind, body, and soul, with EXIT Deutschland--a non-governmental agency that aims to assist RWEs who want to leave the movement--as one of Germany's many therapeutic projects aimed at "pin[ning] down the right-wing extremist Thing" (193).
To understand how RwLs function and to try to achieve their core aims via RwEs (resp.
Debates arise regarding the question of how RwLs can be conceptualized and developed as serving infrastructures for transdisciplinary and transformative research and innovation, thereby opening a frame for RwEs (Beecroft et al.