RWGSReverse Water Gas Shift
RWGSRectangular Waveguide Section
RWGSRadial Wire Ground System
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In [21, 22], an out-of-core scheme between RAM and hard-disk drives (HDD) using RWGs and higher-order basis functions (HOBs) was adopted to break the limitation of RAM and improve the capability of parallel MoM to solve larger EM problems.
Another possibility is direct FT reaction from C[O.sub.2] and H2 performed via the RWGS followed by FT in a single reactor, which is thermodynamically easier than the RWGS because the overall process is exothermic [95].
Furthermore, efficient parallel matrix filling for MoM with Higher-order basis introduces new challenges and is quite different from the procedure used in a MoM formulation using the traditional subdomain basis functions, e.g., RWGs [19].
Aside from the Comparative Hegemony RWG, Professor Arrighi started a project on the "Rise of East Asia" and invited Alex Irwan and me.
All the RWG functions are stored as two copies, namely, testing chain and basis chain, and each thread on GPU deals with one or more nonzero matrix elements by accessing corresponding data from the chains.
'We agreed that all RWC meetings will be held in Oslo, but RWG discussions may be held in the Philippines,' he added.
For methane reforming reactions, the literature stated that the surface adsorbed water species formed as a consequence of RWGS reaction could suppress/remove coke deposits from catalysts surface via steam gasification reaction (C + H2O - CO + H2) [12].
As shown in Figure 2, the flower basis function at node [r.sub.1] has only one qualified RWG, and that at [r.sub.a] has only 4 qualified RWGs.