RWITCRoyal Western India Turf Club
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On the state still not renewing its lease to RWITC, he said: " Such things take time, it is an extensive property, there are lot of other issues involved as well," said Jain.
We are disappointed and concerned that the RWITC seems intent on playing this out through the media, and both jockeys forcefully deny any involvement in the serious allegation that has been made against them.
The Derby-winning jockey lodged eight challenges to the RWITC disciplinary process, of the most persuasive.
The date of the hearing will be dependent upon all parties receiving full documentation from RWITC of disciplinary processes to date.
The RWITC has not responded to the BHA decision and its secretary Behram Engineer said: "The stewards will be meeting on Saturday.
Dwyer's ban rose from an original 56 days, which he was already appealing, after the RWITC stewards handed the jockey a hefty extension following the race in question at Mahalaxmi racecourse in Mumbai in February, when favourite Ice Age was adjudged not to have been ridden on its merits.
I have still to receive the written report from the RWITC.
BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "The BHA has today received an application from Martin Dwyer that the suspension imposed by RWITC not be reciprocated.
The RWITC stewards called an inquiry and announced that the horse was to be deemed a non-starter, with all bets refunded.
Champion jockey Richard Hughes was forced to serve a 50-day ban imposed by the RWITC last year after it was reciprocated by the BHA, but PJA chief executive Paul Struthers has more grounds for optimism on this occasion, arguing there were differences between the cases and that the handling of the Dwyer affair has been "perverse".
I've emailed the RWITC today, telling them I want to appeal against the decision.
The same situation applied last year when Richard Hughes failed to overturn a similarly controversial 50-day suspension, again imposed by the RWITC, and which he was subsequently forced to serve after the punishment was ratified in full by the BHA.