RWLRecommended Weight Limit (ergonomics)
RWLResearching, Work and Learning (conference)
RWLRaised White Letters (tire sidewall marking)
RWLReader/Writer Lock
RWLRandom Width and Length (lumber industry)
RWLRedwall: Warlords (online video game)
RWLRoaring With Laughter
RWLRain Water Leader
RWLRadical Wrestling League (UK)
RWLRight Wing Loony
RWLRow Wordline
RWLReactor Water Level
RWLRaw Water Line (water treatment)
RWLRest With Love
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Keith Foran, Mercury, said, "We are delighted to be working alongside RWL and CNet Training.
RWL bought the property for $480,000 in December 2011 from Michelle Ibsen and Grady Trimble.
Laiba Masoud (Lhr) beat Hadiqa Aftab (Lhr) 21-7, 21-16; Umehani (Jehlum) beat Noor Amlia (Lhr) 21-17, 21-10; Hadia Ishfaq (Lhr) beat Syeda Irfa (FSD) 21-2, 21-2; Khadija Nasir (FSD) beat Shaista (UMT) 21-11, 21-6; Amal Munib (Lhr) beat Gul Saeed (Jng) 21-5, 21-6; Qurat-Ul-Ain (Lhr) beat Tayyaba Shafiq (Lhr) 21-7, 21-10; Anna Ghohar (Rwl) beat Zainab Chowdhury (Lhr) 21-8, 21-8; Amna Jawad (Lhr) beat Hamda Masoud (Lhr) 21-8, 21-16.
In women's singles pre-quarterfinals, Laiba Masoud (Lhr) beat Hadiqa Aftab (Lhr) 21-7, 21-16, Umehani (Jehlum) beat Noor Amlia (Lhr) 21-17, 21-10, Hadia Ishfaq (Lhr) Syeda Irfa (FSD) 21-2, 21-2, Khadija Nasir (FSD) beat Shaista (UMT) 21-11, 21-6, Amal Munib (Lhr) beat Gul Saeed (Jng) 21-5, 21-6, Qurat Ul Ain (Lhr) beat Tayyaba Shafiq (Lhr) 21-7, 21-10, Anna Ghohar (Rwl) beat Zainab Ch (Lhr) 21-8, 21-8, Amna Jawad (Lhr) beat Hamda Masoud (Lhr) 21-8, 21-16.
Anna Gohar (Rwl) beat Zainab Ch (Lhr) by 21-8, 21-8
Zohaib Arshad (Layyah) beat Waqas (Rwl) by 21-9, Shahbaz Gul (Bhakkar) beat Usama Afzal (Lhr) by 21-11, Husnain Khurram (Lhr) beat M Hamza Sharif (FSD) by 21-10, Umair Maqbool (Chiniot) beat Abdur Rehman (Kasur) by 21-16, Hassan (FCCU) beat Obaid (Jhelum) by 21-19.
In hold mode, set the word line (WL) at pre-charge high voltage while RWL signal set at low voltage that leads to transistor N1 & N2 turns off to prevent the access of bit lines, CBLB is set high to turn on transistor N6 as a result data retention is afforded by the cross coupled inverter pair.
Beginning Wednesday, four of the Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF strategies are available to Schwab clients: Oppenheimer Large Cap Revenue ETF (RWL), Oppenheimer Mid Cap Revenue ETF (RWK), Oppenheimer Small Cap Revenue ETF (RWJ), and Oppenheimer Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF (RDIV).
A high RWC and low excised leaf water loss (RWL) have been suggested as important indicators of water status (Arjenaki et al., 2012).
(14.) Medeiros AL, Santos SR, Cabral RWL. Desvelando dificuldades operacionais na sistematizacao da assistencia de enfermagem na perspectiva do Grounded Theory.
The varieties Waha, Araldur and Hedba-3 which have a lower RWL than others, exhibit good adjustment as far as to water stress.