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Although there are no significant differences in the length of ICU stay and duration of mechanical ventilation, the mortality of day 28 in patients with diffuse hypokinesia is significantly higher than that of patients with RWMA.[38] Therefore, determining the type of LV systolic function is of great importance in choosing the correct treatment strategy and predicting the prognosis.
Similarly, in patients with acute IWMI, 81.40% had hypokinesia and 6.98% had akinesia as RWMA.
These records included the following: (1) The available medical data, including body mass index (BMI), combined diseases, infarction location, length of duration before hospital admission, ventricular fibrillation, and urgent revascularization (which included anticoagulation, PPCI, and coronary artery bypass grafting [CABG]); and (2) records of echocardiography, including left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), regional wall motion abnormality (RWMA), mitral regurgitation (MR), pericardial effusion, and left ventricular aneurysm.
Among these eight patients, no new onset of regional wall motion abnormality (RWMA) was found by echo after the procedure.
The outcomes observed were heart failure as determined by highest Killip's class, [14] Arrhythmias, Regional wall motion abnormality (RWMA), Left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) and Death.
Table I: Clinical and Biochemical Characteristics of the Study Group Variables Values Age (yrs.) 52 [+ or -] 12 Sex (M/F) 56/32 RWMA (Ant/Inf) 59/29 Thrombolysis (%) 82.9 Dyslipidaemia (%) 60 Hypertension (%) 57 Diabetes Mellitus (%) 42 Smoking (%) 28 Alcohol (%) 51 Cholesterol (mg/dL) 147.7 [+ or -] 66 Serum Triglyceride (mg/dL) 139.8 [+ or -] 41 Serum LDL (mg/dL) 84.5 [+ or -] 27.3 Serum HDL (mg/dL) 38.3 [+ or -] 11.8 Serum VLDL (mg/dL) 32 [+ or -] 13.2 Table II: cTnT Levels (Mean [+ or -] SD) in Relation to Ejection Fraction Ejection Fraction N Trop.
There is statistically significant association between the clinical findings of 2D Echo and patients having hypertension in cases of LVH, RWMA, decreased EF and abnormal E/A ratio parameters since p <0.05 and <0.01 respectively.
Echocardiogram findings were not suggestive of any chamber enlargement, RWMA or any mass lesions and ejection fraction 70%.
Chest x-ray is normal, 2D Echogram revealed good LV function with EF--60%, no RWMA, no chamber abnormality.