RWPPRedfern/Waterloo Partnership Project (Australia)
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According to previous research, the pulse delay (PD) that is measured similarly to RWPP is suggested to be measured between 50% of the PPG signal raising front and ECG signal R-peak [2].
The chapter closes with an explication of the RWPPs' pattern of cleverly using media by creating scandals and constructing the politics of fear.
Chapter three analyzes the language and discursive strategies of RWPPs. It presents their argumentation patterns and explains their schemes and deliberate logical fallacies with methodological elaborations.
Chapter five examines RWPPs' anti-Semitic rhetoric and deconstructs their denial of the Holocaust in a systematic, qualitative way.
Chapter seven is devoted to the patriarchal discourse of RWPPs. Conservative family values, homophobia and anti-abortion campaigns, which are a part of the gendered discourse of RWPPs, serve to give power to men, who are depicted as victims of modernization.