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RWRRadar Warning Receiver
RWRRonald Wilson Reagan (40th President of the USA)
RWRRichard Wayne & Roberts (recruiting firm; Houston, TX)
RWRRoyal Winnipeg Rifles (Canada)
RWRReword (proofreading)
RWRRight Wing Republican (political label)
RWRRideau Woodland Ramble (Merrickville, Ontario, Canada)
RWRRace Walking Record (magazine)
RWRRoyal Westminster Regiment (Canada)
RWRRegional War Room (local authority to administer a region in the UK following a nuclear attack)
RwRRREP Without RREQ (RREP = Route REPly; RREQ = Route REQuest)
RWRRegional Weather Roundup
RWRRaw Water Reservoir
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I'm excited about the growing contribution clean onshore wind energy is making, as RWR E looks forward to driving further innovation which delivers more from less".
Roger Wibberley on the Yamaha Team RWR in the Full |Factory Winnerswear senior race at the Manx Grand Prix
Bindslev-Jensen C, Sten E, Earl LK, Crevel RWR, Bindslev-Jensen U, Hansen TK, et al.
The ability of an RWR to accurately locate a modern SAM system is critical to the survival of the aircraft.
The RWR system detects, identifies, processes, and displays airborne interceptor, surface-to-air missile, and antiaircraft artillery weapon systems.
Rudolph Anderson, our U-2 instructor during flight training at Laughlin AFB, was shot down by an SA-2 over Cuba on October 27, 1962, meaning that his aircraft either did not have System 12, or the RWR did not work.
20) Register of Warrants Received, (RWR) 60 and 61, CSIL; SMH 7 April 1868; RWR 44 and CSIL 69/4052.
The newspapers often referred to Kennedy as JFK, to Lyndon Johnson as LBJ, to Roosevelt as FDR and to Truman as HST, but no one ever called Jimmy Carter by the initials JEC, and now I notice no one is using RWR for Ronald Wilson Reagan.
Jonathan Goodwin of RWR states, "We are honored to be working with someone like Allen.
It is going ahead thanks to an award from the community benefit fund from RWR E Innogy UK's Bryn Titli wind farm.
GRW RWR P Llandrillo Menai Animal Care students on the Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor's Glynllifon site recently held a Fundraising event in aid of SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Association) and the Dogs Trust.