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RWRRadar Warning Receiver
RWRRonald Wilson Reagan (40th President of the USA)
RWRRichard Wayne & Roberts (recruiting firm; Houston, TX)
RWRRoyal Winnipeg Rifles (Canada)
RWRReword (proofreading)
RWRRight Wing Republican (political label)
RWRRideau Woodland Ramble (Merrickville, Ontario, Canada)
RWRRace Walking Record (magazine)
RWRRoyal Westminster Regiment (Canada)
RWRRegional War Room (local authority to administer a region in the UK following a nuclear attack)
RwRRREP Without RREQ (RREP = Route REPly; RREQ = Route REQuest)
RWRRegional Weather Roundup
RWRRaw Water Reservoir
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The RWR were founded in New Zealand six years ago and now have cells across the world.
Roger Wibberley on the Yamaha Team RWR in the Full |Factory Winnerswear senior race at the Manx Grand Prix
Though the mate encounter rate is high at RWR as females wander in male territories, yet many alligators choose to mate with the same partner over many mating seasons.
In some recent work, Sainsbury agrees, and has given a different account of "thinking about" consistent with the main theses of RWR (see Sainsbury forthcoming).
When the Block 1 Jas-39A Gripen entered service, its self-protection system consisted only of a SaabTech AR-830 RWR and Bop/C countermeasures dispenser.
Senior Editor Brendan Rivers writes a story in this issue (see "USAF to Locate Enemy Using RWRs," p.
Some 37 soldiers from the RWR are in Az Zubair and Al Amarah.
Now, it may seem odd that in developing RWR Sainsbury should embrace a Davidsonian position.
The major differences between the ASPIS II and its predecessor lie primarily in the jammer, which now has a digital RF memory, and improved processing capabilities for the RWR.
The Landscape: California Women in Public Office: The History, the Real 'Dirt,' the Practicalities, and the Successes" will be moderated by RWR founder and serial entrepreneur, Barbara Bry.
He has friends in RWR cells from New Zealand to Sweden, as well as associates in the infamous Scottish Defence League (SDL).