RWSPRegional Wastewater Services Plan (King County, WA)
RWSPRay White Surfers Paradise (Australia)
RWSPRegional Water Supply Plans (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
RWSPReal World Security Professional (technical certification)
RWSPRufous Winged Sparrow (Aimophila carpalis)
RWSPReal World Software Process (Queensland University of Technology)
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Regional Watershed Supply Project Environmental Impact Statement (RWSP
RWSP Realty, which basically indemnified property sellers.
To address this issue, we compared the prevalence of these parasites in stained blood smears from 4 conspecific Sonoran desert Aimophila sparrow species sampled during their breeding season: rufous-winged (Aimophila carpalis; RWSP), rufous-crowned (Aimophila ruficeps; RCSP), Cassin's (Aimophila cassinii, CASP), and Botteri's (Aimophila botterii; BOSP) sparrows.