RWTSRead/Write Track/Sector
RWTSRadioactive Waste Treatment Station (International Atomic Energy Agency)
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In order to investigate the influence of the deflection angle of the pipe on the RWT at the curved section, the RWTs at the inner concave side and the outer convex side of the curved section of the pipe were measured.
Figure 10 showed the contrast of the experimental and the numerical RWTs at the inner concave side and the outer convex side.
Schematic of molded curved pipe samples and positions for measuring the RWTs: (a) Pipe I.
Comparison of RWTs between WAIM and W-PAIM specimens of pipe I.
RWTs at the outer and inner sides of the bend with various deflection angles.
In FAIM, however, the residual wall thickness (RWT) is determined largely by the rheological properties of the polymer and fluid used [2-8].
Moreover, more standard materials, which need to be specially modified for WAIM, can be used in the FPAIM process for that the molten core is displaced by a rigid projectile and the fluid comes only after the RWT is formed.
Based on the knowledge on the services provided, the organisational structure and the sources of funding of individual cases, table 5 shows that both ZBOs and RWTs are split up over most categories.
The minimum RMS difference between RWTS and the constant speed running trials (RW2R-RM[S.sub.min]) was compared to R-RM[S.sub.avg], and the minimum RMS difference between RWTS and the constant speed walking trials (RW2W-RM[S.sub.min]) was compared to W-RM[S.sub.avg] to determine whether the run-walk transition stride fit the profile of either a constant speed running trial or a constant speed walking trial.
For RW trials, [[omega].sub.ankle] for RWTS resembled a constant speed running stride until the last 40% of the stride, while [v.sub.hip] did not differ from a running stride until the last 20% increment.
The results of the stride by stride analysis suggest that it is possible to identify the stride during which a gait transition occurs, although WRTS is not as obvious as RWTS. The exact instant of the transition, however, is not necessarily apparent.
The evidence from this study suggests that RWTS begins to deviate from the kinematic pattern of a run early in the swing phase (Table 4).