RWVRevolutionary War Veteran
RWVRead Write Value
RWVRead and Write Valid Time
RWVRotating Wall Vessel Bioreactor
RWVRiehl World View (blog)
RWVRotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging (Dutch: Rotterdam Hiking Society)
RWVRotary Wing Vehicle
RWVRead, Write, Verify
RWVRespiratory Waveform Variation
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Our RCs helped women and LGBTQI people learn about and speak out against these proposals by posting on RWV's social media and hosting a #DontDenyUsCare Twitter chat, which reached more than 1.4 million people.
[21] reported that the RWV bioreactor achieved a 435 [+ or -] 87.6-fold expansion of total cells, a 32.7 [+ or -] 15.6-fold expansion of CD[34.sup.+] cells, and a 21.7 [+ or -] 4.9-fold expansion of CFU-GM; however, the engraftment potential of the expanded cells was not evaluated.
3D spheroids: spheroids collected from RWV unit were allowed to sediment at unit gravity to allow the removal of the small clumps from the supernatant.
Water at RWVs can become contaminated by the parasite when infected persons with diarrhea swim, when contaminated animal feces are introduced either directly or through water run-off, and as a result of deficiencies in human waste sanitation systems.
The raw findings regarding youth success sorted into the quadrants of the RWV were presented, and the participants were asked if the findings fairly represented what they had said in the focus groups.
As mentioned earlier, adoption of RWV is treated as a binary dependent variable.
(23) Formally, F [approximately equal to] G = [sub.def] [there exists] R [[for all] w(Fw [contains] [there exists] !v (Gv & Rwv)) & [for all] w(Gw [contains] [there exists] !v(Fv & Rvw))].
I remember after a hard bowling stint against West Indies I heard RWV
The Remote Work Vehicle (RWV), Remote Reconnaissance Vehicle (RRV), and Remote Core Sampler (RCS), developed at CMU's Field Robotics Center, performed years of cleanup duty in the Three Mile Island Unit 2 reactor containment basement.
But, with your help, RWV is raising public awareness about what these regulations really mean for women: higher premiums for worse coverage, and a looming public health crisis as millions of people lose coverage altogether.