RWWSRotary Wing Weapons School
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For RWW, there is only 1 report concerning the location, distribution, and type of antennal sensory structures of bisexual weevils (Hix et al.
Additionally, since the RWW is an international target of quarantine efforts (Zhu et al.
Stepwise discriminant analysis was made among the 3 forms/genders of the RWW, using a module in the DPS software (Tang 2010).
Trichoid sensilla (ts) were the most abundant structures on RWW antennae and were concentrated at the apex of the sixth flagellar segment.
Based upon the measurements of the antennomeres, a set of mathematical discriminant equations was generated, which can be applied to reliably classify RWW adults into corresponding reproductive modes and sexual genders.
Reasonably, we can assume that Bbs found on RWW antennae have similar mechano-sensing functions.
(2003) deduced that the ss on RWW antennae might function in proprioreception and mechanoreception.