RX-7Rotary Experiment #7 (Mazda)
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Mazda Motor Corporation (TYO: 7261), a Japan-based automaker, is planning to develop its RX-7 successor equipped with a 450bhp turbo rotary engine.
An RX-7 is the car Patrick wanted since he started driving five years ago.
The two-seat RX-7 model became a hit, selling more than 800,000 units since its debut.
Mazda is known worldwide for its heritage of building innovative affordable cars like the MX-5 roadster and the first generation RX-7 sports car.
"We don't need an inspiration for RX-7 -- its plans are already established," Martin Leach, Mazda's worldwide product development director, tells AI.
When the third-generation RX-7 arrived last spring, it was a return to the true sports-car traditon: light fast and simple.
Mazda Motor Corporation (TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, is likely to launch its RX-7 by 2015 to 2016.
Like the RX-7 there is the rotary engine and rear wheel drive but unlike the RX-7 the RX-8 attempts to be a more practical proposition.
of the U.S., will consider expanding its lineup of rotary engine vehicles, suggesting that it may resume production of the RX-7.
The RX-7 was a pounds 30,000 2+2 sports car and was notorious for its high fuel consumption.
Meanwhile, all those enthusiasts who worried that the RX-7 was about to disappear for good will be thrilled to learn that the state-of-the- art RX-8, due in late 2002, will lend itself as the building block for an all-new RX-7 two-seater coupe for 2004.
Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) (TYO: 7261), a Japan-based automaker, is replacing the RX-8 with the new RX-7.