RX-7Rotary Experiment #7 (Mazda)
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And who can forget the amazing Veilside bodykitted RX-7 from the film Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
Patrick's current modification on his RX-7 are an aftermarket front bumper, drift spoiler, a 1.
I decided on buying an RX-7 from its history and the fact that it's an extremely unique and fun-to-drive car.
Blair has christened her restored white RX-7 ``Snowball,'' noting a lot of owners name these cars.
James Hoffman bought his first RX-7 about five months ago: ``It had good ratings for handling and is designed way ahead of its time compared to most newer cars.
His father, Gary, drives a 1982 white RX-7 with the plates RX-7 KID.
Mazda has so far sold more than 810,000 of the RX-7.
A Mazda spokesman said the RX-7 has been popular and has won international car races such as the Bathurst race in Australia.
The company stopped selling the RX-7 in Europe and the United States in 1996 due to regulations on exhaust fumes, as well as the weaker demand in sports cars.
When asked about a new RX-7 and rotary engine, other company officials simply reply, "Come to Tokyo (auto show) this year.
Meanwhile, all those enthusiasts who worried that the RX-7 was about to disappear for good will be thrilled to learn that the state-of-the- art RX-8, due in late 2002, will lend itself as the building block for an all-new RX-7 two-seater coupe for 2004.